Trecul's Tucca

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Trecul's Tucca
Mexican Trixis
Nopal Prickly Pear
Mexican Caesalpinia
Desert Yaupon
Low Croton
Torrey's Croton
Texas Baby-Bonnets
Texas Kidneywood
Coral Bean
Yellow Sophora
Brush - Holly
Shrubby Blue Sage
Heart-Leafed Hibiscus
Drummond's Turk's Cap
Black Brush
Sierra Madre Torchwood
White Brush
Tamaulipan Fiddlewood
Texas Lantana
Desert Lantana
 TRECUL'S YUCCA, Palma Pita 
Yucca treculeana - Agavaceae, Agave Family 

Description: Woody trunk from spiny agave-form rosette, with clusters of sharp-pointed leaves, dead leaves often hang as skirt. 
Height: To 25 ft., usually 6 to 12 ft. 
Flowers: Small, creamy-white in clusters (panicles) extending above foliage; late Winter - early Spring 
Fruit: Reddish-brown, fleshy capsules drying woody 
Foliage: Evergreen, simple, elongated leaves 
Spines: Short, black spines at leaf tips 
Bark: Dark-reddish-brown, thick with fissures and ridges breaking into plates 
Growth Rate: Fast (about 1 foot per year) 

Sun: Full sun to partial shade, growing eventually above surrounding shrubs 
Soil: Many types 
Drainage: Well-drained Water: Low, drought tolerant 
Maintenance: None, if not planted near walkways 
Propagation: Seeds, cuttings from rhizomes, stems or pups 

Native Habitat: Clay lomas, chaparrals, thornforest clearings, laguna isles 

Wildlife Use
Flowers - pollinating moths 
Fruit - moth caterpillars 
Nest sites - Northern Mockingbird, Curve-billed Thrasher, Gray Hawk, Harris' Hawk, Cactus Wren 
Leaves - White-tailed Deer, livestock Young trunks consumed by Javalinas 

Comments: Native people used every part of plant; roots once used as soap; requires pronuba moths for pollination; striking accent plant 





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