Drummond's Turk's Cap

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Drummond's Turk's Cap, Manzanilla 
Malvaviscus drummondil, Malvaceae, Mallow Family 

Description: Large, often vine-like shrub with large, lobed leaves and long, vermilion-red flowers 
Height: To 10 ft, usually 2 to 5 ft. 
Flowers: Solitary, vermilion-red petals do not spread, to 1.4 inches long, reproductive parts extend from within; throughout year 
Fruit: Bright-red, 5-seeded, berry-like, edible, turban-shaped 
Foliage: Simple, alternate, large, 3-lobed, 2-4 inches long and wide 
Spines: Unarmed Bark: Smooth, greenish to light-brown with light-brown pin-head sized spots 
Growth Rate: Medium 

 Sun: Partial shade to full sunshine 
Soil: Many, loamy, sandy 
Drainage: Medium 
Water: Medium 
Maintenance: Keep from over running other shrubs 
Propagation: Seed 

Native Habitat: Mesic woodlands and palm groves 

Wildlife Use
Fruit - many birds and mammals 
Nectar - hummingbirds, butterflies 
Leaves - caterpillars of Glassy-winged Skipper 

Comments: Very attractive to butterflies and birds 



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