White-Topped Umbrella Grass

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White topped sedge, Stargrass, Rhyncospora colorata = Dichromena colorata - Cyperaceae, Sedge Family

DESCRIPTION: Grass-like, perennial with showy white leaf-like bracts
Height: Flowers:
To 2 feet
Light-brown and insignificant subtended by showy grass leaf-like bracts, 1/4 inch wide to 4 inches long, basal half of bract is white, late spring through fall
Fruit: Achene 2-edged
Foliage: Narrow and grass-like
Growth rate: Slow to moderate

Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Sandy
Drainage: Medium
Water: Shallow water to moist
Maintenance: Little needed, remove old stems
Propagation: Division of rootstock

NATIVE HABITAT: Coastal prairies and marshes near the coast and inland

WILDLIFE USE: Birds eat parts of the flowers.

COMMENTS: White-topped umbrella grass is easy to recognize with its showy white bracts. It is easy to grow in its range and brightens any bog garden. The dried stems make good additions to dried flower arrangements.

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