Prostrate Lawnflower

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PROSTRATE LAWNFLOWER, Horseherb,Hierba del caballo, Straggler daisy

Calyptocarpus vialis - Compositae (Asteraceae), Composite or Sunflower Family

DESCRIPTION: Herbaceous ground cover, sprawling, weak-stemmed

Height: Low growing to 8 to 10 inches high, usually 3 inches

Flowers: Noticeable small yellow ray flowers. Throughout the year 

Fruit: Small inconspicuous capsule

Foliage: Evergreen, simple, light green, 
elongated 3/4 inch long and 
1/2 inch wide

Growth rate: Moderate to rapid


Sun: Partial sun, to partial shade

Soil: Any

Drainage: Good to moderate

Water: Low once established

Maintenance: Little needed

Propagation: Seeds, root divisions

NATIVE HABITAT: Brushlands and disturbed sites 
usually in the shade.

WILDLIFE USE: Staple food for Texas tortoise. Flowers provide nectar for small butterflies.

COMMENTS: A suitable flowering ground cover for the shade. Easy to establish in a small area. Difficult to establish in large areas as it does not compete well with broad-leafed weeds. Out competes grass in the shade.


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