White Brush

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White Brush, Chaparro Blanco 
Aloysia gratissima, Verbenaceae, Verbena Family 

Description: Slender, aromatic, much-branched shrub with long spikes of white flowers 
Height: To 15 ft, usually half that 
Flowers: Numerous, small, tubular, white flowers in terminal, elongate clusters (spikes); following rainfall any time of year 
Fruit: Small, dry, two nutlets enclosed in calyx 
Foliage: Simple, opposite, drought-deciduous, shape varies with moisture received, vanilla-scented,usually toothless 
Spines: Unarmed 
Bark: Tan or gray, young twigs four-sided 
Growth Rate: Fast, pioneer species in abandoned farm fields 

Sun: Full sun to partial shade 
Soil: Various, poor, sandy, caliche, gravelly 
Drainage: Well 
Water: Low, drought tolerant 
Maintenance: Pruning back results in more flowers and more compact growth 
Propagation: Seed, cuttings 

Native Habitat: Gravelly hills, chaparrals, thickets, woodlands 

Wildlife Use
Nectar - bees, butterflies 
Leaves - Cattle, Sheep, Goats Cover 

Comments: An attractive ornamental profusely flowering in landscapings



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