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Trecul's Tucca
Mexican Trixis
Nopal Prickly Pear
Mexican Caesalpinia
Desert Yaupon
Low Croton
Torrey's Croton
Texas Baby-Bonnets
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Drummond's Turk's Cap
Black Brush
Sierra Madre Torchwood
White Brush
Tamaulipan Fiddlewood
Texas Lantana
Desert Lantana
Cenizo, Texas Ranger, purple sage 
Leucophyllum frutescens, Scrophulariaceae, Figwort Family 
Description: Much-branched shrub with dense, ashy-gray foliage and purple flowers after showers 
Height: To 12 ft, usually 5 to 8 ft. 
Flowers: Showy, solitary, axillary, pale-violet to purple, white and pink cultivars; appear quickly after rainfall throughout year 
Fruit: Dry, 2-valved capsules 
Foliage: Evergreen, simple, alternate or clustered, ashy-gray, elliptic, untoothed leaves 
Spines: Unarmed 
Bark: Grayish-black to aging black and roughened with small scales 
Growth Rate: Fast 

Sun: Prefers full sun, green forms do occur rarely in shade 
Soil: Caliche, sandy, gravelly, arid 
Drainage: Well 
Water: Low, drought tolerant, green forms are more water tolerant 
Maintenance: Cotton root rot problem, do not fertilize, shade causes cultivars to grow leggy 
Propagation: Seeds, cuttings 

Native Habitat: Chaparrals, caliche and gravel ridges 

Wildlife Use: Leaves - caterpillars of Theona Checkerspot 

Comments: Green forms, naturally found in Cameron Co., will withstand irrigation and maintain foliage from ground level up 



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