Rough Agave

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ROUGH AGAVE, Maguey cenizo

Agave scabra - Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis Family

DESCRIPTION: Basal rosette or dense spiral of long, strap-like pointed leaves. 

Height: To 5 feet, flower stalk to 15 feet. 

Flowers: On a long spike, lily-shaped, cream colored to greenish yellow. April 
to June.

Foliage: Very rough surface, bluish-green, heavily armed on leaf margins with strong spines 

Fruit: A papery capsule

Growth rate: Moderate


Sun: Full sun

Soil: Any

Drainage: Good 

Water: Do not over water 

Maintenance: None

Propagation: By basal suckers

NATIVE HABITAT: Found on sandy and calcareous soils in southern Starr County.

WILDLIFE USE: Javelinas will eat the leaves, which shelter lizards. Flowers attract numerous flying insects and insect-eating birds. 

COMMENTS: This species lives many years, blooms, then dies.


ROUGH AGAVE, Maguey cenizo


ROUGH AGAVE, Maguey cenizo



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