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POWDERPUFF, Verguenza, 

Herbaceous mimosa Mimosa strigillosa - Leguminosae (Fabaceae), 
Pea or Pulse Family

DESCRIPTION: Low growing, sprawling ground cover, covered with bristles, but 
no spines. 

Height: From 1 to 2 inches 

Flowers: Showy, globe-shaped, reddish-pink to lavender-rose, 1 inch wide. Spring and summer

Fruit: Small bean pod 

Foliage: Small, feathery in appearance, 
folding up when touched 

Growth rate: Moderate


Sun: Full sun

Soil: Any, best in loamy or sandy soil

Drainage: Moderate

Water: Moderate

Maintenance: Little needed

Propagation: Seeds

NATIVE HABITAT: Open areas in sandy woodlands and brush; along roadsides, depressions and along stream or lake banks.

WILDLIFE USE: Leaves eaten by white-tailed 
deer and cattle. Food plant 
for caterpillars of White-striped Longtail Skipper, Mimosa Yellow and Reakirt's Blue butterflies. 

COMMENTS: Very attractive ground cover when in flower. Difficult to establish, but grows well once established.


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